Comment: He is correct, the Constituion does not apply in DC.

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He is correct, the Constituion does not apply in DC.

Taking what I've learned from their standard of review which states;
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Team Law's: Standard for Review

Rule 1: To understand any relationship you must:
First understand who the parties are (from their origin);
Always know yourself first (start at Genesis 1:26–28);
Discover the true nature of all other parties second;
Then you must understand the historical and environmental nature of the relationship; and,
Only then can you understand how applicable laws may effect the relationship; thus, it’s time to thoroughly study such laws.
(To have any hope of understanding any particular situation in any relationship you must have first applied all three parts of Rule 1, only then do the actual terms of the relationship begin to have meaning and bearing on the relationship; thus, the details of any given situation in question can have no real meaning until Rule 1 is applied.)

Rule 2: Review the details in question (in the relationship) only after you have completed the review required by Rule 1, then review the actual terms of the relationship and the details in question in accord with what you learned from applying Rule 1.

I defend the Chief's comments by suggesting that, through application of the standard of review, one would recognize that the District of Columbia (AKA US GOVERNMENT) owns and fully controls their territory with the District. The Constitution is a trust instrument where by The People are the beneficiaries of such a trust, creating public office trustees to execute the public trust for the public good.

Then the Civil War, I call it the federal take-over, came and used the north to conquer the south while simultaneously, through an act of congress, was granted a parcel of land (D.C.) through the 1871 organic district of columbia act, which built upon the 1801 act.

The District of columbia, aka US GOVERNMENT,INC, was formed in 1871 in order to handle the business needs of the Government of the United States of America. Within that territory the statutes of CorpUS (aka USGOV) are actual law because that territory belongs, by grant of congress, to the US Government. However, outside of that district the territories are not within the domain of CorpUS; therefore, only subjects of CorpUS, aka taxpayers, are subject to the statutes of CorpUS within their "congressional districts".

Also consider that there are different and distinct Constitutions, for instance, Constitution for the United States of America was a single piece of paper(1 page document) that was in force before the bill of rights was added/ratified. When the states accepted the combined 2 papers, original plus bill of rights, that created a new document called Constitution of the United States of America; a separate and distinct Constitution. One way to easily tell the difference between CorpUS rule and the Republic is to look toward the Senators. In our Corporate Democracy Senators are elected by popular vote whereas in our Republic they were appointed and replace at will by State Presidents(Governors). When the Senators where elected by popular vote the Republic was vacated(but still in existence!).

This is not the end of the story, however. I believe it was the 1910's - 1920 the CorpUS became bankrupted in 1912 (which lead to the fed reserve act in 1913). After the settlement CorpUS was owned by foreign interests(creating a conflict of interest) and as such drafted a new constitution called US Constitution. It was a near replica of the Constitution of the United States of America except that it eliminated the 13th amendment (titles of nobility) and continued by the creation of its corporate taxpayer subjects, the 14 amendment corporate taxpayer citizens- which the first were the newly freed slaves. And, of course, the election of Senators by popular vote.

So the idea that we can go into CorpUSs territory, which is owned now by private international interests, and tell them what to do because we have a disillusioned,(Patriot Propaganda), understanding of who we are, who they are, and the relationship between them, is outlandish and a trap to call us consenting taxpayers who do not want to comply(aka terrorists). Understanding these elements will clear the fog of illusion and allow the people too lawfully regain our Nation.

I reserve the right to govern myself.