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I recently

received a $127 fine for using the connecting road between highways (the one that says Emergency and Authorized Vehicles). One must choose one's battles so I paid it, grudgingly. There was no crime since no one was hurt, and I was careful pulling back out into traffic, etc. And frankly, I was having an emergency--I was lost, taking exit ramps and trying to find the 'correct' route was not working; my normal route was inaccessible due to a bridge being repaired/under construction. (I have absolutely no sense of direction.) If nothing else, those signs should be worded differently, made more clear, imo. I had also noticed that 2 of the connecting roads were NOT labeled, no sign was present. I think if I had used one of those, I would have chosen to fight the issue.
And I agree that being treated like a criminal because one is poor and unable to pay for the upkeep of these ridiculous codes and/or non-crimes is wrong in every way. I actually had to borrow money to pay the fine. I don't have that kind of money just laying around...

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