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You can start here

or google "Palin MK Ultra" and start wherever it looks interesting.
My personal tale is from the RNC. At State, we helped unseat the Chair and helped the minority "conservatives" in the establishment seat their candidate. Understand, there were people who had been inside the GOP all along, and when the RP folks pulled off our 2008 mini=-miracle, they greeted us with open arms. They convinced us this new guy was "our man." He went to the trouble to even come to some RP events. We got him seated. Then when all was said and done, the back-stabbing started. At the RNC, the RP delegates were done dirty, and it became more than obvious that all the friendly gestures were about getting us to go with their plan, not about doing anything we wanted. So, when they introduced Sarah as the VP candidate, this new chairman came straight over to my husband and I, literally wringing his hands with glee, and asked us what we thought of Sarah.
What can I say, you had to be there. We were thermometers, he was checking the temperature. As one of the campaign coordinators, my opinion mattered to this snake too much... He wanted to be sure we had taken the bait.
My husband and I walked out, with my husband shouting at the adoring crowd "That's right, vote with your penis."
That was before we had any inkling about her MK Ultra connections. It just felt WRONG at a level one can only experience, not describe.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: