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this information is also available from other sources

Alex's reputation precedes him, but boy, he looks so good in this broadcast!...why do we want him to succeed sooooooo though his 90% truth, 10% hyperbole, hook, and fear-mongering & disgust for crony politicians is ANY different than what the MSM sells.

Nobody liked my "delivery" yesterday, or my allegiance to my dreamy perspective that the clear majority of our founders approached this republican experiment from a well-studied Christian worldview that commanded them to inculcate the virtue and excellence derived from biblical principles into EVERY generation.

Our hellbent desire to avoid citing those principles of old, dogmatically; in order to indict this White House and complicit Congress, Pentagon, or Justice Department with true American intolerance for lies and deception and such a dismissive attitude regarding the Rule of Law(as though we should just get used to it), is such an infectious disease and it has made us a joke of a nation!

This, and fast a furious, are more than worthy of an impeachment the Democrats defend "their boy", and watch the Republicans come right up to the edge and back off!

Hillary Clinton's attitude is the public's attitude: "What difference does it make!"

These whistleblowers KNOW, that if they don't say something today, this will all go away(white-washed)...I wish the dam would break with this Benghazi incident, going all the way back to

The deaths of them who died here, are not considered by the families as "such a long time ago" as Jay Carney would hope they would think...these deaths are as fresh as yesterday to them, and will be with them for an eternity! May the God of our founders strengthen and embolden these FIRST HAND account testimonies, and CONVICT the hearers to unapologetically pursue the necessary punishment for this lack of concern, and COVER UP!!!