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Comment: I Got A Ticket In Dallas

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I Got A Ticket In Dallas

for making a right turn on a red light. I stopped looked to see what was coming, waited for pedestrians and the trolley to go by and then turned. I was immediately pulled over by a motorcycle cop who was laying in wait for people to do that. He said there was a sign that said "no right turn on red". I had NEVER seen the sign so I went back and looked REAL HARD for it. It was tiny and in words at the top of a light with a lot of other signs. Most "no right on red" signs in the metroplex were big red arrows with a No symbols on them. Not in downtown Dallas though. They do the tiny worded signs because they KNOW people don't see them. I went to court to fight it but the first thing the damned judge said to the room full of people was "If any of you are going to argue that you didn't see signs, it won't work!" I got up and left.