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Comment: I've always felt the if every citizen read

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I've always felt the if every citizen read

the book Bought and Paid For by Gasparino there would be a massive revolution, hopefully non-violent by the right and the left! The Occupy WS people were on the right track, but I think the media damaged the legitimacy of the movement by showing the nutters, plus it seemed no one ever was interviewed that could put two thoughts together, PLUS, they never (or maybe it was just media perspective with a purpose) directly linked/blamed Obama's staff holding key positions that were at one time bankster execs, the very people who caused the financial collapse. It just devolved into a childish anti-capitalism party held by a bunch of unemployed hippies. Much like the Tea Party, EVERYONE (right and left) should have been on board with the movement to quash special favors to the banksters, but the media destroyed the message, the honorable beginnings of the Tea Party eas transformed into the current image of the nutty racist fundamentalist self serving capitalist type, now there's no hope of getting the two groups to see their similar cause. Seems like now it's just the norm that Wall Street owns the government and we have to just accept it, but Gasparino's book is an amazing in depth look at just how deep the link between government and Wall Street is, and I think even the conscious voters would be amazed and disgusted!