Comment: Charged with murder, convicted of manslaughter

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Charged with murder, convicted of manslaughter

by a jury that recommended only 3 years jail. The grand jury charged the cop with murder, malicious shooting of an occupied vehicle, malicious shooting of an occupied vehicle resulting in death, and use of a firearm. Some how the jury found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter, the two malicious counts, but not use of a firearm. The judge followed their recommendation and sentenced the cop to three years. What was the dead woman's crime? According the the cop when he testified in his own defense, the woman was sitting in her car, with a shade over the front window, with her eyes closed. "She was acting aloof, odd, and off-putting." She refused to hand him her license so he reached through the window to grab it. That's went she rolled up the window and tried to drive off. There were 45 witnesses and none saw the cop's hand stuck in the window. He shot twice through the driver's window and 5 more times as she drove off. The cop's mother was also charged with 6 different forgery counts for altering her son's previous bad behaviour file records in her position as the police chief's secretary. This one stinks to high heaven. A cop got away with murder.