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I am a 26 year old, proud father of three. My children who are 11, 8, and, 5 have consistently tested in the 99.9th% on every standardized test they have ever taken. They all learned to read, do arithmetic, tell time and tie their shoes by age 5. My oldest is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of roman history, 18th century naval history, early american history, and theoretical physics. Each one is out pacing their elder in terms of intellectual development. My 8 year old declared to her mother today that she would like to be home schooled.

Check out my YouTube channel for some footage of my 11 year old wrestling an 8th grader or doing jiu jutsu with high schoolers and adults. Or my daughter playing conertina with her mother. She's becoming proficient in algebra as we speak. Its better than that though, I have never EVER been on a plane without being complimented with how awesome my kids are. Nor have I ever not been told by their teachers what a joy they are to have in the class. Ever. Do I sound like a pathological liar. Sometimes I feel like I do. Because we have been conditioned to accept that we cannot correct or develop our children certain ways without hindering their individuality. News flash buddy, someone is going to raise your kids. Either you can, or you can let the TV (of which we have non), or their peers.