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God Bless

Orthodox Russia! One of the truly last places on earth that will fight on the side of the ultimate truth. First of all, Israel did this illegal act of war on Orthodox Holy Pascha (Easter), which is an insult.

Putin is by far a better man than Obomber; no matter what you say Putin hasn't illegally invaded any countries without provocation, ever. The Russian Orthodox Church will never let Russia be taken over by western snakes and demons. My Orthodox priest once told me, that when he studied on Mt. Athos in Greece, the elder Paisios, a very spiritually gifted man, stated that the last country to defend the world against the Antichrist would be Russia. I believe this in full. Look at every way the west and it's minions try to ruin Russia, once you see all the connections you will begin to see the light as well. I also recommend every DPer to get some news from, as it will expand your world knowledge spectrum by 1000 percent over what the west feeds the masses.