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I own and ride a motorcycle. You have to understand that people rides bike to avoid the traffic. Bike is different from a car. If you part in the sun on a 100 degree day, your tank will be burning and you can't ride it when come back. Probably cover the tank and seat for like 5min then ride. With that said, I think the cop should had play it cool. Give the boy his badge number then explain why he parks it there. Also motorcyclers, will park on the sidewalk just to save the lot for cars? How many times have you drove up to a spot thinking its open and there it is a motorcycle hiding parking there. We think like that, so we just park it where most people don't park. Sometimes you'll see 2-4 motorcycle park on a single parking space, we really try to save space for others. Once a manager-ish at work asked me why I park my bike on the building sidewalk. Well it's raining? He says, we'll you don't have a cover for it? I didnt say much back but in my head i was thinking well dude I come straight from school, you expect me carry a cover everyday? You know it is scary seeing DailyPaul people thinking like this...anyway I thought we were for less government...I hate cops a lot but I think this is pushing it especially when a kid is doing it.