Comment: IF you love the truth

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IF you love the truth

and are not motivated by some personality disorder/ desire for attention/ escape from the never-ending b0redom of the parents' basement, here is what I suggest. Heck, I suggest it regardless, for anyone concerned about being a good person:

Evaluate not only the mainstream news critically but the alternative news critically.

If you don't know whether a building can fall down under certain circumstances, don't accept a point of view hook line and sinker just because it is pushed by your friends, by a website, or by a group that you belong to, as an example.

If you don't know whether a body will bleed out if the legs are blown off, why buy into a very elaborate and crazy theory that the Boston event was a false flag/hoax/ no victim event?

And if you have no idea what goes on in a courtroom, please stop with the nonsense sovereign citizen garbage - which doesn't even follow libertarian theory to begin with.

When you do these things, I would also suggest it is better for the liberty movement if you keep your "I believe anything that contradicts the mainstream media"-style conspiracy hobby to conspiracy websites and not to the Daily Paul or libertarian events. These conspiratorial points of view are not libertarian issues.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein