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Comment: People weren't just asking

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People weren't just asking

People weren't just asking questions, and weren't taking the answers they were given if they did ask questions and the answers they got didn't align with their theory. And they weren't banned until it was the main topic on here for like 3 days so it's not like it wasn't talked about first.

As for your question, you are wrong, Bauman is not missing a pinky. Jeff Bauman plays the guitar for God's sake, probably be alot harder to do if he didn't have a pinky.

My suggestion for any other questions you have about Bauman or anyone else you think may have been "acting" is do the research. Search here on the DP and do google searches. Look through my comments, I've personally posted before and after pictures of Bauman and others who had limbs amputated, and pictures with undeniably hurt people like this.
The girl in the blue shirt with the mangled legs is one who died, does she look like she's "acting" to you? If you really do unbiased research and think it through, I believe there is no way you can continue to question whether people were really hurt or not.