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"you mean, theres a chance

"you mean, theres a chance that cops may harm citizens with guns, purely for the fact, that good cops and bad cops have guns."

the hypocrisy of the "majority" wanting to ban guns because they are dangerous, yet it is not so dangerous if in the hands of the authority

"Yes, i can see the problem"
Making a sarcastic slight, of how the majority may view the discussion in your post, uninterest, even though its anything but

"Well, there you go, bill banning government owning guns in 3...2...1....never"

again, hypocrisy that in the given situation
gun ban people ...good
gun ban authorities....bad

Sorry, i know i probabably have a warped sense of humour, certainly dont mean to sound "statist".....thats certainly a first, dont think i like it.......

Edit: and a wandering mind, who sometimes forgets to proof read.....terribly sorry old chap