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LOL!!! I swear, this would have to be the first time I ever had

a 'Like no brah, you don't get my sense of humor. Me? No dude, YOU don't get MY sense of humor!'-'phone-tagging'!!!

So I generated this, just for you and me, my man:


Gomez, man, you're no 'fun;' if I gotta explain the joke, it ain't funny. Well...suppose seeing as I had to explain it, it wasn't as funny as I thought.o(


My man, I said,

two two, for double-dribble rhetoric trouble a double.


ps. hold up, there's a such thing as a "good" statist actor/thug? .o)

to 'say' that, yes my man, I 'get' your brand of sarcastic humor. thus I shall 'double-down' on your sarcasm' w/equal word-play rhetoric of mine, in return.

bah rap bam!


No takers?

Thank you! Thank You, ladies and gents; I'll be at the Catskills every Saturday Night, from 3~6pm; gotta make the buck while the Octogenarian Brooklyn cougars are hot...and awake!

By the way, in case you may have mistaken me saying "double-dribble" as a verbal "dribble" (sloppy drooling speech) as an insult? No, siree. I was referring to the basketball game violation term, thus the hyphen.

But, just so we're now 100% clear, I actually linked the basketball term as a proviso :D

And so yes, I understood everything as you just explained, when you first said, exactly as you said this:

you mean, theres a chance that cops may harm citizens with guns, purely for the fact, that good cops and bad cops have guns.

Yes, i can see the problem,

Well, there you go, bill banning government owning guns in 3...2...1....never

see now, we have two humorous commentary that we both had to explain. now the already 'wasn't meant to be a hardy-har-har, but kinda was'-punchline, is not a punchline, anymore.o(

LOL. but no bigs.oD

I swear, DP R3VOL are the most interesting bunch!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul