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Re:" I have to laugh a little. I have no idea where you got that little "skit" but it's not from the Church."

Just stick parts of it into a search engine, it's part of the pre-1990 LDS temple endowment ceremony:

I'm guessing that you haven't looked into criticisms of the Mormon church in depth. I think that if you look at the data with an open mind, you'll discover many reasons to reject Mormonism. I know that the initial reaction to accusations about the Mormon church would be that someone must be telling a lie or must be mistaken, just as you've denied that the Pre-1990 LDS temple endowment ceremony quote was part of Mormonism. The weird stuff I've seen was seen first hand in the journal of discourses in the BYU library. A lot of the weird stuff was underlined by other people who were reading it, so it's not all that hard to find. My Mormon friend was a convert to Mormonism, president of her seminary, had all kinds of honorable mentions from Mormon clergy, went to BYU, had what they called a 'strong testimony', had converted family and other people to Mormonism etc. and didn't know about the LDS law of eternal progression until she was Mormon for 10 years. In an attempt to convert someone by answering their questions, she started to look into some of the old Mormon history and it was all new to her because nobody talked about it in her decade of Mormonism. I'm not talking about the obvious stuff like accusations of racism and issues related to polygamy, I mean the stuff said by Mormon prophets in the journal of discourses; though there was obviously some stuff about racism, sexism, etc., but also weird theological claims. The thing about Adam having physical sex with Mary to produce Jesus stuck out to me. It seems to go against the idea of the virgin birth. I mentioned some of the stuff to another Mormon and he denied that any of the prophets ever taught the things I mentioned. So I showed him where it explicitly said that stuff in the original source as I had checked out a volume from the Mormon institute on campus, knowing that he wouldn't believe me unless he saw it for himself form a Mormon source. He read it and wanted to be alone for a while, and when he came back he started talking in King James English(not as a quotation, but in talking to us in a very serious way) as if it made him more spiritual and he started spouting hateful words and stuff and simply denied that it said what it plainly said. Now he gets uptight anytime the subject comes up, and seems to take it as a personal attack if more information is presented. If you are really interested I can look up some of the references for you. There is a lot of history I'm sure they would like to distance themselves from, so the Mormon church probably isn't going make a lot of their weirder stuff as widely available as the stuff they like to be known for. has a lot of documentation worth checking out.
That being said. I would emphasize that when you find that the Mormon church is false, don't throw the baby out with the bath water by rejecting the bible as well.