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Comment: Years Ago....

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Years Ago....

...It was no big deal to;
"slap" a set of plates on a car to transport it.
(your plates, your "ID" etc).
My uncle used to go buy vehicles like the "old horse trader" that he was, and he would do this to get them problem.

Times certainly change...along with "The Laws".
A friend gave me a car (years ago) and while "transporting it, I was pulled over, cuffed, arrested, ticketed, towed.....

*****Present Day**********
*Renewed a registration on a truck I own.
*Paid the YEARLY FEE and was "given" a "temporary registration sticker", until such time that the truck was "inspected".
I was shocked!
Usual Protocol:
*Reg issued; inspection done when possible(ASAP) and if you drove it past the 10-day "temporary" inspection date, you got a ticket (if caught).
I was "under the gun" to "git 'er done" within ten days, for inspection.
BUT ALSO....within 14 days or the REGISTRATION would EXPIRE.
Remember now...I PAID for a YEAR of REGISTRATION.
Since the state was screwing me...I screwed them back:
*Exempt from "INSPECTIONS" (like all government vehicles)
*No "Stickers" on my windshield are necessary.
Just license plates...simply stating: "FARM VEHICLE"
DMV Clerk: "Do you grow stuff"?
Me: "Yeah".
End of story.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!