Comment: No anger here.

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No anger here.

I live with five others. We co-exist. But this gnarly dude is a crazy, orchard criss-crossing, sneaky, unbelievably quick, smart, stalking monster. I won't wait until she has the opportunity to enjoy duck for dinner. It pains me, but there is no other choice now. She now knows how easy of prey dogs are. Unfortunately, after these guys get a taste of domestication they are considered a menace to society and need to be removed. I am hoping she will get sick of me pestering her and just go away. She is now afraid of me which is good and bad. It is good she is scared but bad 'cause she hides so I don't know where she is. It's unnerving. I refuse to live in fear too.
Now, about the NOW: are you an Eckhart Tolle fan?