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Comment: Oh, maybe I will listen then.

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Oh, maybe I will listen then.

Thanks for clarifying, it was literally keeping me from even starting to listen. I saw it was over an hour long and decided I was not up for that much nonsense.
In defense of the family destroying feminists, most do not understand that is what they are doing. I was a feminist at one time. I joined the workforce at age 15 and in 30+ years I ALWAYS had at least one man doing the essentially the same job as me and getting paid more. Don't try to rationalize, it is true - women are paid less. That was and is a legitimate reason to think "women's rights" is a good idea. Trouble is... to get the women in the workplace at all, they marginalized the SACRED job women already had - motherhood. These poor creatures have been taught that what is most meaningful in life is demeaning, they deserve pitied.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.