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I once was where many here are now

The nation that dumped the most Jews from theor gulags into Israel, Jews born in prisons and never knew freedom.. Many people know that Russian Jews (Eastern Block, includes Germany.. and the USA.. why do these nations fund Israel, pbecause they;ve dumped people there.

So, now that Palestine has made an offer, Israel says they are willing to negotiate, China steps up (this has put Russia in the dust, so Putin is going to make a threat.. and for who? The UN.

Think Israel is worried? NOT.

Ron Paul says we should not be entangled in Israel,, Putin entangles himself with a threat and people cheer?

WHo here gets it... we may be a minority, but I have never seen an unkind word, an insult or name calling from those who have supported my side on this issue.

Problem seems too many think their radars are tuned in.. truth is, many don't know what's going on, and those that do, side with me on the issue.

What Putin wants

And the best for last Russia is BUSTED