Comment: No. God isn't a "communist".

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No. God isn't a "communist".

No. Not sure if it's a rhetorical question, but just in case it isn't:

God isn't a "communist".

Communism is the idea that it is legitimate for some men, the state, to force all others to give away their possession to it, the state, furthermore: the almighty state. With an almighty state, these men also want to give themselves the arbitrary power of deciding about life and death upon others.

This is yet another flavor of the superman idea:

In other words, communists are men who want to kill or replace God. They want to make themselves God.

Atheists are men who haven't found God yet in their heart. True Christians love them no less, no more than any other. True Christians will never force them to convert, only to bring them the good news, the Gospel.

Seeking faith is individual, personal, intimate. Or it isn't.

I don't know what is the agenda of, but the quoting of this passage of the Bible is confusing if not deceptive: it is nowhere to be found that some men forced others to abide to them and only them, as it would be for advertising communism.

However one interprets it, this passage, be it the man and woman expired out of sincere feel of guilt, or out of God's will, there is not one "atom" of legitimating communism, there.

As I read it, the word of God was to encourage valuing spontaneous, voluntary charity, voluntary sharing (vs. all too common profiting or selfishness), and compassion with and for others. And it's about reminding man of the almighty power of God. And that's all.

Words have a meaning. We know better than falling for approximate analogies, parallels, or mix ups.

The bible is full of seemingly harsh stories, with death, punishments, etc. It is our responsibility to read them with faith or while looking for faith, but certainly NOT with our biasing goggles of knowledge about disastrous ideologies, denying God, and which are less than two century old anyway.

This world is way older than iPhones, the FDA, the U.N., or the memory of the frauds against humanity of Marx, Hegel, Robespierre, or Babeuf.


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