Comment: Dont worry 1988, you are very noted and appreciated :D

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Dont worry 1988, you are very noted and appreciated :D

Don't mind erin she means well, just seems to be a little zealous as I've seen her bump up quite a few Mormon related threads lately. Not to discourage her from speaking her mind but I would suggest she turn down the defensiveness a notch or two. This is a very welcoming and tolerant community, thanks in large part to your efforts, 1988, in keeping the peace and not allowing certain segments of it to paint other segments of it with a broad negative brush, well at least without you saying something about it and sticking up for them. I've been meaning to say thank you for that for awhile now. Thanks!

We all have different beliefs but the beauty of our movement and fight for liberty is that we've been able to transcend our differences. We've come together to defend each other's rights. To believe how we want to believe and to live how we want to live as long as it does not harm or infringe on anyone else's rights. By defending each others rights we defend and ensure our own and I believe you 1988 are a vibrant example of that. Please continue to lead by it.