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I understand. But:

I understand. But:

How many God may have killed in Bible times? (pretend for a second you buy into bible's stories) Was there billions of people? Hundreds of millions?

You know what I am sick of?

That the VERY SAME men who killed 260+ millions in JUST ONE century, and the last one at that, btw, were precisely ALSO SICK of God :

Yet, I do not confuse them with you.

I'm just saying.

Who's best at killing people on earth?

Breaking news : not even God.

Better yet : NOT EVEN the men leading the Crusades in his name, centuries ago.

Nope. Only ANTI-God(s) people DID IT, just a few decades from our time, if we stop counting with year 2000, and from 1900.

Is it fact or not fact?

YES or NO?

Well, it's been documented at least. Some good souls found useful to do accounting a posteriori.

So... Unless someone proves me there were dozens of billions people on earth in biblical times and God killed them all...

I call the strawman on "God as a killer" ... B.S.


B u l l s h i t.


AN AWFUL LOT. Observably.

Thus, A LOT MORE than what "God attributed to himself", so to speak.


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