Comment: Good morning!

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Good morning!

3 AM, that is when I wake up. Unless, of course, the government has decreed it is that special day when they jack with the clocks and I get up at 2 AM.
I make a pot of coffee.
"The path of coffee from tree to cup brings it into contact with government in many areas ranging from international commerce to food safety to homeland security."
Then I light a cigarette. I'm growing my own tobacco, but I can't dry it and cure it and then sell or trade it with anyone, its the law.
Then I fix breakfast - the government has graciously allowed chicken owners to gather eggs and sell them in Idaho.
Then I spend some time in the garden, where my heirloom seeds are growing into wholesome food, but I can't sell it as "organic" unless I get the government's permission.
Maybe I need to run to the store today... I need to have my car tags, driver's license and insurance papers all available before I pull out of the driveway. OH! And don't forget to buckle up!
I'll surf the net for a while, saying things that the government will record and save to try to incarcerate me later... in a "prison for profit."
I'm getting older, I'd like to taek some cancer preventing medication....
Laetrile? Sorry, not legal. Well, maybe I'll grow some bitter almonds... Oops! Not in this country. How about if I juice some marijuana? Only if I move to Washington and the Feds don't come after me. (I can grow all the datura I want - hallucinogenic and potentially deadly.)
Maybe I'll call a friend, again taking care not to say anything that could be taken wrong by eavesdropping goons... and some of my phone bill will go to pay taxes to keep them eavesdropping.
I need a vacation, maybe I'll take a trip. Not far, I can't get on a plane without consenting to sexual assault, and I am not up for that.
I'd watch some TV, but when the government changed everyone over to the "smartbox" or whatever it is, I got rid of the TV.
I don't know, just a few thoughts off the top of my head. Please note the preceding comment has not been government approved, read at your own risk.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.