Comment: I understand you are doing a very tough job.

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I understand you are doing a very tough job.

Thanks for your efforts, but I think you are being overly zealous. Stifling discussion is not how to get to the bottom of anything. You are so confident there were no actors, claiming there is all sorts of documentation - could you provide a link? Generally when people make bold claims around here, they back them up with links.
My husband was a paramedic for 8 years, I was an EMT for just a few months. They DO USE ACTORS for their drills and there WAS A DRILL that day. Get your brain around it, SOME of those people WERE actors, it is almost certain.
To back my claim: The witnesses who heard them announce the drill. The links to BUSINESSES that provide crisis actors. If you need those links, UNDELETE THEM.

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