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we have a few issues here

1. I don't come to DP seeking credibility. I have no credibilty. I have opinions, and I share them on DP. Sometimes I'm right, and sometimes I'm wrong, and when I'm wrong, I try to get a lesson out of it, understand my wrong and make it right.

I'm not for war. I am for self defense.

I am an American, not an Israeli, don't have duel citizenship, not interested in having duel citizenship.. I'm interested in America disentabling itself with Israel because Israel is our friend and we are not helping the situation in the ME.

There would be no Muslim or Catholic or Christian religion if it were not for Judaism, and for that reason, Israel should have the Temple Mount. Apparently the Musloms want to fight over it, because Israel occupies it, and rightfully so.

As far as this god is on someone's side, that is not how I see God.

I was not talking about religion in the former post and find it interesting you would bring it up, but since you did

Who do you believe should occupy the temple mount and why?