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how "SENSICAL"/sensible... it that Godless Libertarians and Christian-mocking atheists LEAD a revolution where, any person with common sense knows, MORALITY is the problem?

Funny how atheists attack the Bible and fundamentalist Christians and creation MORE than any other belief system the world over....and....if they had any REAL authentic courage regarding their dogmatic convictions about how stupid and asinine my belief in a flying spaghetti monster of a creator is, they would openly dismiss and mock the catalyst of this entire movement Ron Paul as either a fool himself, or, a tool of religious zealots and puppet masters!!!

They'd rather split hairs about my "delivery", my "presentation", versus that of Ron Paul...

Our BELIEF-SYSTEM is the same, and, there is NO neutral position with respect to the fact that there is a Creator or their isn't! What's annoying is atheists leading anything; history would prove they are the most double-minded opportunistic fools the world has ever known, and, they have ZERO proof for spontaneous combustion of origins and their silly belief that life evolved from non-living material, or that humans share a common ancestry with earthworms as it is PRINTED IN PUBLIC SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS!

Time, millions or billions of years, is their DEITY....and I'm non-sensical? These clowns THINK they understand government/state media propaganda, but utterly REFUSE to look at the public education drilling into our children communist dogma that NO CREATOR EXISTS....

Seriously, what a joke! Everyone in this movement, who cannot, will not, put our founding morality, Christian principles up against the lawlessness of today; and who REFUSE to conclude that total rebellion against the laws of nature, and of nature's God is 100% to blame for all our ills and our self destructive path, is much more divisive and non-sensical than I have ever been.

Willful ignorance, progressive stupidity, dumb on purpose; all of it purely selfish, and all of it leads to a loss of the PRIVILEGES of self-governance! It is nothing short of pure laziness, and ignorance on the part of people financing atheist "libertarians", if they cannot show me how the lies of Christianity brought us into this moral and financial bankruptcy; as opposed to an voluntary abandonment of Christian principles/values by lying opportunistic hypocrites who used the Christian label to propel themselves into positions of power and place!

I am in the MAJORITY, and I know way more about deceptive and counterfeit Christianity than people care to give us credit for....we are HERE, because Ron Paul exemplifies what it means to be a Christian dismiss us as crack pots, to side with Obama's regime in their "open war" on Christianity and be more empowered, emboldened, and brazen in their attacks BECAUSE he is so pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality without apology(while declaring he is a Christian, in front of
his own daughters) is either a mental disease, or full blown demonic possession.

Even the devils knew who Jesus was, and begged Him to leave them alone!