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Comment: I don't understand some of the comments here.

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I don't understand some of the comments here.

We DO NEED a military to defend the United States, and many enlist with honorable intentions to do just that on behalf of their families and fellow citizens - willing to put life and limb on the line to do so.

RON PAUL understands the need for a military. As president, he would have done nothing to diminish America's ability to withstand an attack. Furthermore, Ron Paul supports the military. I have never heard him demean those in the military, question their motives, nor hold THEM responsible for the misguided foreign policy of our presidents and Congress.

I take offense to your characterization that enlisted men should "do something productive, get or create a job and stand on your own two feet." I'm grateful there are those willing to volunteer - for the demands it puts on them and the sacrifices they are willing to make and too often do. And btw, hundreds of thousands are in the Reserves, remaining ready through monthly weekend and other drills *while* they hold down regular jobs. P.S. That there *are* those willing to volunteer to defend and protect Americans precludes the need for mandatory service (though Obama wants that), such as in Israel, former communist countries, and elsewhere.

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