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Comment: Theres a lot of Christian bashing on the comments....

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Theres a lot of Christian bashing on the comments....

So i wanted to make this its own comment instead of a reply.

I could claim the atheist is simply blind to his own worldview, denouncing God but living and teaching what the Bible teaches without realizing it.

I'm not bashing atheists, this is just my opinion, as every single one of them I've had the pleasure of trading life stories with, has had a story to why they became an atheist.

People don't tend to think about the logistics behind something when someone spreads misinformation.

An example is the view that the founders were deists and heathens according to what scripture teaches. This is actually 100% false.

If you look behind the scenes, who would've been the ones to say they were heathens and deists? If the whole world had one point of view, and the founders had another point of view, then the ones logically to come up with calling them heathens would've been everyone else who's views conflicted with the founders, particularly other 'Christians'.

Let's look behind the scenes again.
Who benefits from people not studying Christianity? The only religion that teaches you,

1.Entering God's presence requires no work, and that you need only faith to enter the kingdom of God

2.No man can serve two masters, if you have a chance to be free and not a slave, take it

3.To be like a shepherd, never falling asleep with your eyes and ears open, innocent and peaceful, yet willing to fight to the death to protect your flock

4.To rebuke sinful nature and to be disobedient to government when they are NOT working in your best interest(this is what Romans 13 means btw)

A book where every story and instance is an affront to government, all of the stories are about people either engaged in public disobedience, or becoming slaves for not standing up for themselves. Effectively teaching them to watch government ALL the time and be prepared to fight.

Who benefits from people not understanding this information?

The founders saw their chance to be free and took it. They followed the scripture. If people choose to be an atheist I will not condemn them for it, but its true many fear what they do not understand, and many atheists are simply atheists because of what others have told them about the Bible, without reading it themselves to find out if its true.

To say there is no need for God, is how you end up in slavery. The Bible teaches you how to win and keep your freedom. Without the knowledge inside, i wish you the best of luck. Your going to need it.