Comment: Well, bless your heart!

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Well, bless your heart!

I have a nephew who got dealt a very similar hand to you. He was terribly premature, I don't recall how early but he spent his first year in the hospital, racked up over a million dollars in medical bills before his first birthday. He also has cerebral palsy. But he has never spoken, likely never will - he's in his late twenties now. He has learned a few signs, but that is all. He will never make a youtube video, never stand and fight for his own rights, let alone anyone elses. He is still filled with love and joy, but unable to fully express himself or participate in "normal life" at all. I'm sure there are days most of us are a little envious of that kind of ignorant bliss, but I imagine you don't have many days like that... been close enough to know better.
You are a gift, thanks for opening yourself for us.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.