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DISD: Quality Schools Means Quality... Teachers

[Emphasis mine] "The single most important influence on the quality of learning is the teacher, so Duncanville ISD commits great energy and resources to recruit, hire, develop and retain the most effective teachers.

Our teachers are charged with the responsibility to bring learning to life, so our staff has to be dedicated to providing a voice of inspiration to students, enthusiastic classroom participation, a strong network of support, and an environment of mutual trust and respect.

Since the inception of No Child Left Behind, 100% of our teaching staff has been classified as Highly Qualified. More than 63% of our teaching staff has been teaching for at least six or more years and nearly all of our teachers have participated in extensive training... that turn the classroom into an engaging learning platform."

Sad, that handing out packets of information students read on their own before answering the included questions represents the teacher caliber NCLB considers "highly qualified" and that the school is so proud of. BUT...

I would like to say a word in the teacher's defense. Assuming she acquired her B.A. in the last 30 years at an in-state or private college, i.e., a four-year program in so-called teacher education, making an investment of $100,000 to $300,000 - I can just about guarantee SHE WAS POORLY TRAINED.

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