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Exactly my point

1. a)I didn't say no work, i said "no work to enter God's kingdom"
b)I never said blind faith, i said faith. I actually can see far more than you realize, but it requires your willingness to see to find it. Truth does not just appear in front of you, you must first seek it, and want to accept it.

2. To serve God is to be free, to serve man is to be a slave. One must be free to serve God. You again are not understanding what i am saying, because you are bound by your single definition of "serve." Have you never heard of charity?

3. Please define the one 'shepherd', there is more than you think.

4. a)Sin is defined in the Mosaic law, most of you know them already. The new testament simply helps explain the already existing law. The majority of sin, is violating the rights of another.

b)No there are no verses that contradict this particular interpretation of Romans 13, in fact Romans 15 helps push its point.

However please test my knowledge, when i am tested, i learn.