Comment: Legally it isn't murder but

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Legally it isn't murder but

Legally it isn't murder but your rape example would be rape.

If you want to go abstract and talk about absolute morals beyond government I'd say it is murder. This is because rights exist outside of government with government's job being, in part, to ensure those rights are secured. Of course this isn't free which is why we have taxes. Further, I'd say taxing is not against any absolute morality I have. I believe in a God and nothing I've studied suggests taxing, as a concept, is theft.

We could easily have some people think murder is just fine and there is no absolute morality forbidding it. Under your line of thinking we shouldn't tell these people what morality to have and they should be able to do whatever you want. This is, of course, absurd. We have created a society that has come up with a moral code and a means to enforce that moral code. We agree that a tax would be used to pay for that enforcement.

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