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Comment: Yeah, yeah you see way more

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Yeah, yeah you see way more

Yeah, yeah you see way more than me.

I used to go to kodaikanal to eat magic mushrooms on my bike and go off alone to contemplate the universe under a tree. Guess what? Nothing/nada/no new information, only new (and pretty) permutations of what was already there.

You've made your mind rotten by studying an ancient book and now its too late to do anything about it so you try to feel better by INSISTING its TRUE.

Let's be honest bro, that's all you're doing. It is part of your personality, your family life, your social life, even if its proven FALSE (difficult as you can't prove a negative) you will never let it go.

There's no moonman, no Santa Claus, no tooth fairy brother. Just you and me and the rest of mankind. Lets try to get along without having to resort to imaginary friends huh? Too difficult a concept to imagine?

You want to learn so play this game with me.

How would the world be different if there was no god assuming the big bang theory and evolution are TRUE and we don't worry about whatever happened before.

Can you describe what such a world would look like?