Comment: (((((((RonPaulforfreedom)))))) Thank you

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(((((((RonPaulforfreedom)))))) Thank you

First, I want to thank you for not removing your pants.

Second, you have the right to privacy and no need to proove yourself by showing your documents to the world unless you are elected to office. You've shown us more then president Obama. I don't understand why you feel the need to show us such personal things.

Third, It made me very happy to hear you give appreciation to the great people in your great life. You have been blessed with exceptional parents and you PROOVE that LOVE overcomes disabilty. The beauty of you is you are real, and that is because you are so loved.. many people never have that in life.

Forth, I made you my friend. I never made anyone my friend before, and there are many people who I love here, very much.. my baby brother who was a quadplegic just passed away last month, and you remind me of him because he acheived more than many abled bodied people. (If you don't want to be my friend let me know and I will respect your choice because I respect you).

Finally, I think you would make a great speaker for the liberty movement in telling us about what political events affect your disability, because those who are not disabled, or know anyone that is disabled, as I no longer do since my baby brother died, would find it educational. Thank you for the education.

Peace be with you.

Love, The Granger