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you're just dishonest....'s a BATTLE for our Republic...ideas, INDIVIDUAL contributions collude, compliment and COMPETE for one single cause; real bonafide American Liberty as intended by our want to mix black and white paint because you're too lazy to make a cogent argument that my dogmatic positions are 100% aligned with HOW Liberty is achieved and sustained.

Compare myself to Ron Paul? Why would I do that? Mold and shape myself to be SOMEBODY I'm not? His inspiration is enough, I'm my OWN authentic, original self...expressing MY point of view, my concerns, my opinion without borrowing or mimicking someone else...not the pope, not some famous actor, politician, preacher....I am me, these are MY words....

I'm not selling anything, I'm doing my civic duty....and if you have BETTER ideas, than myself...if you could PROVIDE any proof from America's prosperous history past, that the positions I support are actually HARMFUL to Liberty and prosperity, I'd love to hear how a people who ARE NOT virtuous are CAPABLE of freedom.

My pen matters to this revolution....Your criticism and adjectives are mostly unfounded and just slanderous.