Comment: 26 names for "fear"

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26 names for "fear"

It is a really good article, but I am a fn of simplicity. I see it as a choice between love and fear, and that choice needs made often, sometimes every breath.
Let me try to demonstrate:
FEAR - opposite of LOVE
GREED - fear of future need rather than loving thanks for abundance
INTOLERANCE - fear of what is unfamiliar to us rather than loving life in all its variety
EGOTISM - fear that we are not good enough rather than humble accepting the lessons others offer
LUST - fear of intimacy rather than seeking a full, loving relationship
ANGER - fear of loss of someone or something we love rather than being thankful for the love we had
HATRED - lost love written off rather than loving forgiveness
JEALOUSY - fear that others will be loved more than we are rather than celebrating the gifts of others and an indication that we do not love ourselves fully as we are

I'm sure you get my drift. I find it easier, when handed a challenge in life, to try to ferret down to "love or fear" and then deliberately choose love as my motivation. I suck at it, fool myself, forget to act out my intentions, etc, but in general I make better decisions for the effort.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.