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You misread my post. Right

You misread my post. Right and wrong, in my opinion, is established by God. Seeing as how people come to different conclusions on what that absolute morality is we tend to group as a society and collectively agree upon a moral code. We also try to find a way to enforce this morality. This is where a government comes in. It's why we set up governments.

So no, it's not state decided.

Non-Aggression principle is fine but rather meaningless and arbitrary without some kind of origin. I'm not even sure how that relates to what we are discussing.

And how is my position inconsistent? I think killing, rape, and stealing are always wrong. I am arguing that taxing is not stealing. It simply isn't. And you can't argue there was no consent. Nothing is forcing you to engage in a taxed activity (aside from Obamacare). Stealing would be society paying for a road, you using that road to go to the grocery store, and then you not paying the sales tax on the milk you bought that pays for that road.

Your argument is not libertarian at all; it is lunacy. A society requires collective decision making. The libertarian view is that those decisions should be made as close as possible to the people involved. AKA limited government.