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Jingoism, yeah, put me off

Jingoism, yeah, put me off the whole patriotism thing. Just too convenient for the state.

Tell me honestly, if you came and read the DP during the Boston bombings what would be your impression?

Look at the truther threads. How many people even try to deny it anymore. Look at the Lusitania thread. People conveniently forgetting that under international law even if Germany was to sink the ship, it had to ensure the safety of the passengers first.

Look at the reptilian and David Icke thread Straight Sativa put up. Not to mention endless Tesla free energy threads by people who don't have an inkling about science.

The people just LOVE a conspiracy.

The economics threads receive exactly one comment which is by the OP and says 'Bump' in a lonely forlorn way, the actual science threads get inundated by pseudo science and the religious threads....don't even get me started =D

I don't even know why I come here anymore, except that it is strangely addictive =[