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The jingoism turned me off too

Especially when I see/hear people cheer civilian deaths in the Mid-East, or write it off as inevitable, yet are dumbfounded at just 'why' so many people across the globe call Americans hypocrites.

If I was new to DP/RP at the time of the bombing threads, yeah it would've turned me off a bit (especially since I know people who were there), but I wouldn't have written off Ron Paul because of it. I understand the 'guilt by association' argument, and agree that some of the stuff posted here can do more harm than good, but at the same time I'd rather that than people being overly cautious when it comes to controversial material.

Yeah, I hate seeing economics threads fall off the front page so quickly, except for anything to do with Bitcoin it would seem (nothing against Bitcoin, just saying). I try to stay away from the religious threads, but I can never help myself from getting sucked in, heh.

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