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Comment: I used the example of a card board box to contrast the expense

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I used the example of a card board box to contrast the expense

of a sprinkler system vs the expense of the dwelling place.

There are not people where I live with cardboard houses. However, there are people with plywood houses. The people can barely afford a roof over their head, much less, a sprinkler system. Where I live, there is no "code."

So this "code" that requires smoke alarms is a government regulation?

Would you also like a government regulation to require sprinkler systems?

I told you my parent's house burned down. They didn't have a smoke alarm. A smoke alarm can let people know that a fire is starting in time for them to put it out...or at the least get out of the house.

My parents had to find a new place to live. Guess what, they didn't go out and buy a smoke alarm. I have 5 of them in my house. Some people are more sensitive to perceived danger than others. Some people are too poor to provide for themselves. Some people are just lazy. Some people make a conscious choice to not have an alarm.