Comment: Code applies because property

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Code applies because property

Code applies because property is not yours. If you have the cash to buy land and build a house, you can likely bribe code enforcers to leave you alone. Most people don't own any land or buildings and are in debt for 30 years over them. In reality, no one owns anything, just look at the fine print of titles and deeds. Beside the point, if a bank owns it, it's in their best interest to enforce codes for safety to protect their investment.

If you can afford a home you can afford smoke detectors. Sounds like a pretty lame excuse. It's OK if a person chooses not to have smoke detectors, but don't come here with some BS that people are too poor to afford them or sprinklers. Sprinkler systems, I imagine, would lower insurance costs. It's just some pipe and sprinkler heads. What makes you assume I think sprinklers should be forced?

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