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If taxes aren't forced...

then I can stop paying them and no one will initiate force against me, right?

So if income taxes and sales taxes are not forced, because you can choose not buy things or not to work.

Then is it legitimate for me take 30% of your income and 10% of your sales?

After all you can "avoid" it.

If it's not legitimate for me to do this, then why is it okay for the State?

If I don't have this right, how can I delegate it to the State?

If a business is robbed by an armed assailant, is this legitimate because the owner could had "avoided" this because the business owner didn't have to "engage in the activity"?

Saying the State can do this implies that the state has a right to your property.

The State has no more right to my property than a common thief does, which is to say they have no right to my property at all.

What makes it stealing when a robber does it, but not stealing when the State does it?

Please give me an answer to each of these questions.

"The reality is you want the benefits that the tax provides without paying for it. THAT is stealing."

Assumption and Ad Hominem.

I want market competition to provide services.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard