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By Thor's Mighty Hammer! Are

By Thor's Mighty Hammer! Are you telling me that Adam Kokesh is trying to make a living doing what he is passionate about and loves?

What kind of sick person is interested in making profit!? He must be one of those... those.... Capitalists! Doesn't he know he's supposed to work for the good of his fellow man, and sacrifice himself for the glory of the cause?

You can tell Adam is only motivated by making the big bucks since he's organizing a march that may land him in a grave, or Gitmo for the rest of his days. Such greed! Clearly a "plastic libertarian." True Libertarians like us 3 (I think we're the only ones honestly) hover around on forums like this one and praise gawd, and give THE ALL SUPER-DUPERLY MIGHTY GAWD credit for any progress made in the liberty movment, and blame Adam Kokesh for any setbacks.

Pfft.. you can't have individualist liberty and freedom without first bowing and submitting yourself before the ALMIGHTY AND ALL POWERFUL LORD "YOUR" GAWD, King of all KINGS, RULER of the Galaxy!!! He whom bloweth away all whom thinketh to mucheth, He whom smiteth they who grovel not sufficiently enougheth!! That's the only path to liberty!

Filthy Athiests, may they all burn down forever moreth in a lake of fire! Wait... plastic libertarians don't burn... they melt. Hmmm... Well, im sure gawd can just cast a spell to turn them into wood so they burn instead of melt. It'll hurt more. Then we can call those non-believer filth Wooden Libertarians! Ha! Take that athiests!