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Of course Atheists can't win

Of course Atheists can't win the argument, nor can heathens like you!

The All Mighty ZUES!!! is the ONE TRUE GOD. Or at least, the biggest strongest God! ZUES!!! is built like a freight train and can hurl lightning like javalins, picking off of, skinny "lesser" dieties from miles away! ZUES!!! reigns supreme and we of the TRUE faith own all you christians and atheists in any debait with LIGHTNING! What do you have? Fish? Bread? Logic? We have THUNDER baby! Every one of you filthy delusional christian heathens, "thinking" athiests, haters & NON-believers are all taking a little trip to place called Hades when you die for some torture/rape action until the end of time. Oops.. shouldna been a non-believer fools. Its what you deserve for lives filled with evil (all who do not worship ZUES!!! are evil, nothing personal).

I mean, what the hell's jebus going to do against ZUES!!!? ZUES!!! has like a 30 strength, what's jebus got? 5? 6? Sure jebus knows a few transmutation spells like turning water in to wine. Big freaking deal, ZUES!!! can call lightning down on his emansiated, 10hp ass and cook him crispy in like 1 milisecond. Oh whats wrong jebus? Sorry jebus, you can't cast raise dead on yourself. noob. And if jebus gets all upity and transforms into his "father/god" shape, or "holy ghost" shape, ZUES!!! will unleash the Titans and call in backup from the rest of the gods. They won't be joining the fight though, they'll just be pointing and laughting while ZUES!!! kicks the crap out of your weakling god of Abraham Lincoln all by himself. You think ZUES!!! needed to rest after 6 days of work? Pffft... HE works 8 days a week bitches because his Constitution is like 30 too. god can't even pull a 7 day week. pathetic.

But I just wanted you all to know that I love you and im reaaaly hoping you'll wake up and come ride the lightning with those of us who are going to be sucking down sweet sweet ambrosia atop Mount Olympus & and basking in the eternal light of the true King of ALL GODS, (especially your puny jebus god) when we cash in. Try not to be jelous haters. Peace out.

All praise ZUES!!!