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Some notes...

* colloidal silver is currently one of the known, accepted methods recommended by the world health organization to purify water. I'm not saying the WHO is a perfect source, but still they claim therapeutic benefits through objective studies, not conjecture;
* colloidal silver can be made and used safely if one understands the process and shows some level of care. All the necessary information is out there, if you look for it;
* its use fell by the wayside in the 1930s after antibiotics came out, which were much more powerful - but also resulted in antibiotic resistant bugs;
* my interest in colloidal silver came when looking for an independent option to combat resistant bateria. It's a decent Plan B, especially if you are 100% dependent on our current health care system which could break down or become difficult to work through in the future;
* it has no known toxicity in humans;
* it has been reported to work successfully for dogs, cats, and other animals;
* it can be applied topically for surface infections or orally for internal infections;
* it's not a replacement for antibiotics, but again is a decent Plan B in a SHTF scenario (especially if you otherwise have no Plan B at all);

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