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Please, Trust Me. I Understand.

Every aspect of life takes courage and fortitude. Especially when the system has all the cards stacked against us. I salute you.

As my best friend first said: "The system's not broken. It's working exactly as it was intended." Though I assert, with slight modification, that it was established from the beginning with inherent flaws that would allow for its eventual alteration from something more pure, to the abomination that it has intentionally become today.

Every step each one of us can take to exist outside it is a piercing of the veil of the lies, fraud, and deceit upon which this altered system is built.

There are those who have gone so far as to correct their nationality, and are thus inhabitants of the States, but completely outside and independent of the federal statutory system. The more that choose to walk this road, the greater their independence can be, and the weaker the system becomes.

Small steps are still steps. Let the system collapse under its own weight with out our help to keep it going.

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