Comment: You know what else isn't your

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You know what else isn't your

You know what else isn't your property? Every single road or infrastructure you use on a daily basis including the lines powering the very internet you are using. Yet you use them. You don't want to use them? Leave. The rest of us have agreed upon the terms in which we use the facilities we collectively own.

You keep saying "the state" as if that is anything more than your neighbors.

Sorry but the anarchist viewpoint is not realistic nor is it anything other than selfish idiocy. This land we call the USA has had an agreement long before you were here and you are not entitled to single handedly change that because you don't like it.

And by the way, purchasing land within the United States also binds you by an implied contract as you are within the country's borders. The land was collectively obtained and sold to you with the understanding you will go along with what our country has agreed upon.