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It doesn't prove me wrong. LOL

That study showed that 5 mg/L sodium chlorite didn't kill the subjects or result in clinically obvious sequealae. It remarked that the possibility was still there.

It certainly does not prove that it cures cancer, HIV, or anything else.

I noticed your snakeoil salesman conveniently cites the study you just linked to on his MMS web site, but he doesn't provide the stoichiometry for the MMS. Frankly I don't care enough to figure out how many mg/L 22.4% sodium hypochlorite works out to be to compare and contrast with the journal.

Dentists use sodium hypochlorite to irrigate root canals of less than 1% because higher concentrations damage vital tissue. I can only imagine what 22% would do.

If you want to drink your miracle potion knock yourself out I guess. Count me out.