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Spawn of Satan

I'm sorry this happened to you. They tried to steal $350 from me.

In 2010, my wife ordered the NFL Sunday Ticket.
In 2011, Directv auto-renewed it, unbeknownst to me.
In 2011, NFL Sunday Ticket never appeared on my TV, even though they "auto-renewed" us.
In 2012, Directv starting charging my account.

When I realized this, I called them and asked them to refund the $350.

They refused.

I told them I would work with them since I did not read their fine print. DTV, after all, didn't deliver the service. I told them if they delivered it in 2012 without charge, we could call it good.

They refused.

I offered to let them keep the $350 in return for in kind payper view and premium channels.

They refused.

They are real a-holes at Directv.

So I had enough. I said "No, I refuse. And you are not only going to lose the $350 you stole from me, but you'll also lose a customer."

They said, "Go for it."

So I called Visa and disputed the charges. Visa agreed with me and refunded my money.

Directv was very upset. They tried harrassing me on the phone. At this point, it actually became fun antagonizing them.

They threatened to send it to collections.

I said, "Go for it."

I sent my documentation to collections and they stopped calling. I dared them to take it to court as I know I could make them pay far more than $350 in billable legal hours. They dropped it.

Bottom line is Directv is the spawn of Satan. They have a D rating with the BBB and the BBB tends to side with corporations.

So my only advice is if you are going to pay for something with auto-deduction, then set it up on a credit card. NEVER, NEvER use your debuit card or bank account. You lose recourse when you do.

The good news is that Cable and Dish are dinosaurs. They are newspapers and network commercial tv. They are buggy-whip manufacturers. The future is internet and mobile. Dish and cable will soon be on the ah heap of history. perhaps that's why they don't care about fairness.