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Peaceful vs. Otherwise... and Time, and Timing...

"I'm so sick of talking about this. Something needs to happen."

THAT, is the 2.5 Quadrillion Dollar question, ain't it?

THAT, is the 'something' that is constantly on the minds of those who are awake and have long taken the Red Pill, no?

Fmr. State Dept Deputy Chief (de facto CIA director) Dr. Steve Pieczenik was on AJ show today, and went bolder than ever before... will post it as it becomes available.

To wit, the confluence of all of this current historical trajectory of all the jitters, makes Adam Kokesh's March the 'Right' Time, but WRONG TimING...IMO.

I have no answers. Believe me, I truly wish, about 100million Americans simply experienced an instantaneous 100th Monkey Syndrome and Anti-Statist Catharses and all at once, concurrently say "NO thank you. We WILL NOT COMPLY, Ruling Class Motherfcukers!"


Too lofty a wish? Saddest thing? It really IS that 'simple': all it takes for the entire world to change is for a critical mass of human souls to simply learn to OWN themselves, and 'get' what that truly means, and say NO to all the aberrant degenerate fools calling themselves 'our' lords.

As, all 'masters' NEED willing, compliant, fearful slaves, more than the slaves need masters. This has always been true, historically. Craziest shiite is, you'd think with almost 10,000yrs of recorded human history available to us, with more info available to humans than at any other time in history, as we know it, at a single mouse-click no less. Yet, most sheeple literally have no clue, they're simply repeating history, again, and the 'creeping tyranny?' Well, it already CREPT UP! And they truly delude we're so special, it cannot happen to a country that's less than 250yrs old??

No doubt, we all know it. Something's gotta give...something's gonna spark all of this, this perfect storm, or perfect human freedoms awareness 100th Monkey Syndrome are both equally primed to be lit... Many of us laid the seeds, hyper planted them since 2007. But when, where or how it will exactly bear fruit? One can get absolutely crazy neurotic, just pondering it.

I'm with ya brother. "Something needs to happen," but what, whom, or in what form, and what guarantee do we have that it'll be better than the current last days of a collapsing empire/my beloved, but dying Republic that we're living through??

That's the real question ain't it? To a peaceful end, self-informing and informing those willing to listen, and leaving 'drive-by' seeds of truth along the way to those unsuspecting is all one can do... and almost let Time and Nature 'incubate,' no?

But, of course, things don't happen by themselves, and if we simply 'let' Time work its course, other factions are certain to influence it toward their favored direction, too. this point, I'm just staying informed enough to prep, evade, or surf along the tide of history.

Hate the holding pattern, but truly, unless people decide to wake up, and have deeper reasons to stay's all up in the air, WHEN, or WHAT that "something" will be, IMO.

I pray every single day for a peaceful solution. Am I just being silly??

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul